Wasp removal in Jylland

Wasp removal in Jylland

Wasp removal should often be done by a professional because a wasp nest often is inaccessible. When a wasp queen, goes searches for placement in the spring one of the factors, ranked highest is that it is dry and out of reach for other animals. This makes overhangs or attics the perfect placement, and therefor often where she builds.

How do you remove a wasp nest?

When exterminating a wasp nest, your number one priority should be having the safety gear on, because many are allergic without knowing it. The removal method is dependent on the location:

If a nest is in sight, you can get a plastic bag, wrap it around it, and then quickly tie a knot. This should be done at night when the majority of inhabitant is home. Combine this with insect spray and this should take less than five minutes.
Removing an unreachable nest should be done with insect powder or other forms of repellents that they actively drag into the nest. This is because the queen, being the heart of the colony, where will continue laying eggs until she is removed. The insect powder can be laid or sprayed at the entrance to the nest, for example at the overhang where they fly into. After it is done, you will need to wait a few days, where the activity should descend thereafter. Otherwise, call us at +45 28 19 94 06

How does a wasp nest look?

A hornet/wasp nest will looks, contingent on the type of wasp emphjasized, but one thing they have in commen is the shape and activity. When speaking about this particular race, it is always a colony of many indivuduals working together. The shape will mostly be round, and have an entrace pointing downwards.

Gedehamsbo i skunk på loft

Can you let a hornet nest be?

It is a known fact, that wasp move out in the autum when the temperature drops. Here they send out a batch of new queens, that will hibernate till next year. Thats why many people let them be, but often regret when the weather starts to change. Here they seek the warmth of the home, which is why we dont recommend letting a wasp nest sit, unless it is outside, away from human contact. Another factor is the behavior of the wasp, that will change towards being more aggressive and unpredictable later on.

Do you have a wasp nest? We can help

Wasp prefer warm weather, so when the summer arives we are working at full pace, helping people in Denmark combating the hornest. Contact us 24/7 whether it is a simple question or an offer on a wasp removal – we are ready to help